That awkward moment when there’s a gay couple in the bible and nobody talks about it.

Let’s not forget Ruth and Naomi! That makes TWO gay couples in the Bible that nobody talks about!


we were taught about how David and Jonathan were ~best bros~

when this was


not the case

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Mission Catch Up On Glee - Cancelled.

So I’m writing this Glee fanfiction called Hunting the Unicorn. It started way back when Season 2 was on, and I stopped watching a bit after Season 2 ended.

I was hoping to find out that RIB did something useful with Kurt and Blaine, but instead I got increasingly weird-ass stuff. Kurt flirt-texting with Cameron was pretty interesting, and I suppose Blaine cheating on him out of loneliness after Kurt moves to New York was… understandable. But then they broke up and apparently three episodes later, Blaine goes really out-of-character and does a really egotistical marriage proposal solely to get Kurt back.

I’ll just… keep writing about my Blaine, the broken little Disney Prince whose friends are a show-choir composed of 1) a foul-mouthed stoner, 2) a guy who wins every bet he makes, 3) a dude who writes every-fucking-thing down, and 4) about fifteen other guys who affectionately make fun of him for being stupid, hair-gel-obsessed, and being Kurt’s bitch.

The ultimate HP bait

Me: “Huh, Daniel Radcliffe is in an indie movie called Kill Your Darlings. I’ll watch some clips.”

Movie: “HI LADIES AND GAY MEN! In the 1940s, Sensitive Gay Poet Harry Potter goes to college! He then falls for Crazy Blond Poet who is REALLY, REALLY BAD FOR HIM and REALLY, REALLY ELOQUENT ABOUT IT! Everyone smokes, drinks, or does some sort of drug! Please throw your money at us now!”




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Valka’s hair from How to Train Your Dragon 2

So I’m a little bit hair obsessed, given that I have hip-length hair and I watch Game of Thrones, and now I’ve decided I MUST FIND OUT VALKA’S HAIRSTYLE because her hair is fucking THIGH LENGTH. I know it’s in three braids because of the three ties at her nape, but all I can see under her cloak is a few more hair ties and braids. Most of the time, it’s under her cloak and she’s riding a dragon.

I needs me some concept sketches. Time for google.

Cosplay gold FDASKJLKNGDA,manual#!Syx2P

Cosplayers and/or feminists, discuss your thoughts for Wonder Woman’s potential concepts in the link! I’m a fan of the “Ancient Greek” concept because LOOK AT THE EAGLE BREASTPLATE AND PAULDRONS. And then there’s all that glorious detail on her bracelets and shin-guards. This concept totally evokes Xena without being a ripoff.

The “Man of Steel” inspired concept is way too dark and heavy for my taste. I don’t see “Wonder Woman,” I see “Video Game Heroine 439.” Short hair could work for Wonder Woman, but this chick has a really delicate face with a soft mouth, she’s not looking straight at you, and the eight million pounds of armor make her look flat in every sense of the word. Wonder Woman isn’t flat or delicate ANYTHING, and she looks you straight in the eye because then you’d be too captivated by her beauty/badassery to look anywhere lower.

However, I would take Video Game Heroine 439 over 90s Diana. Gods, please don’t let 90s Diana become real. And even without my personal dislike, it looks like the main point is “Wonder Woman plus leather jacket and jeans.”




A Urine Powered Generator. An amazing accomplishment by four brilliant girls. The girls are are Duro-Aina Adebola (14), Akindele Abiola (14), Faleke Oluwatoyin (14) and Bello Eniola (15).
  • 1 Liter of urine gives you 6 hours of electricity.

  • The system works like this:

    • Urine is put into an electrolytic cell, which separates out the hydrogen.
    • The hydrogen goes into a water filter for purification, which then gets pushed into the gas cylinder.
    • The gas cylinder pushes hydrogen into a cylinder of liquid borax, which is used to remove the moisture from the hydrogen gas.
    • This purified hydrogen gas is pushed into the generator.

This is amazing. Give them a billion dollars right now. They may have just saved the planet. 

folks are doing a PISS poor job of reblogging this.

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My thoughts on Elsa’s OUAT cameo, Part II

A friend said that the Once Upon A Time writers were adapting the original HCA fairy tale. Another person said that they technically haven’t decided yet, which is somewhat better but barely helps.

Anyone worth their literature knows that Andersen’s Snow Queen is a neutral Fair-Folk/nature-spirit type at best, and a kidnapper at worst.

OUAT writers, you said “Elsa.” You used DISNEY’S character design. You gushed about “Frozen.”

You cannot mix Andersen and Disney without having VERY skilled writers, and this sounds very much like you’re trying to have both versions when you’re blatantly using a very specific version of the Snow Queen.

It’s not a crime to say “Hey, we love Elsa but we don’t know how much will be Disney and how much will be Andersen.” But it’s REALLY stupid to bait people into watching your show with something when you haven’t decided what the fuck you’re doing with it.

My thoughts on Elsa’s cameo in Once Upon A Time

So I watched about ten minutes of “Once Upon A Time” when it first came out. My thoughts: Boring and a little bit strange. Who is everyone, where are the fairy-tale scenes taking place, and why do I care about the whiny lady (and her supposed kid)?

But hey, I hear good things about it now that it’s been four seasons. Polarizing things, but the home team’s side has pretty good points. Maybe it just needed to find its stride.


Then I heard theories that they might NOT use the Disney version of “The Snow Queen,” even though that is clearly Elsa with her French braid, her Golden-Age-Hollywood slinky dress that shows about 90% of her legs, and her sexy shimmy out of the barn. And, you know, calling her Elsa in interviews.

They also might make her a villain, akin to whatever the thing with Peter Pan was that I heard people raging about.

People raise the logical conclusion that “If you deliberately mislead people by saying you’ll have a specific incarnation of the Snow Queen on the show, only to give her the storyline/persona of a SIGNIFICANTLY different incarnation, there will be riots from the Frozen fans that you were trying to get to LIKE this show. And also from the people who liked the show AND Frozen, who are mad that you butchered Elsa’s personality, character arc, and driving message.”

So, here’s hoping that Elsa is non-villainous or at least misguided, like she was in Frozen. The show has already stated that this is Elsa, not the original Snow Queen, so there will be no excuse for any backtracking. Considering that the bosses of OUAT claim that they’re OMG HUUUUGE FANS OF FROZEN, that shouldn’t be hard.

Then again… M. Night Shyamalan claimed that he was an OMG HUUUUGE FAN OF AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER, and look how that turned out.

So I’m being very, very, VERY cautious.